Main challenges
  • Marketing and Sales teams are required to collect and store all applicable data about their customers’ needs and behaviours, their partners' differentiation potential and their competitors' strengths and weaknesses. The competitive intelligence of an enterprise serves the business processes effectively and efficiently.  A strong customer orientation differentiates. Automated customer-facing processes are business-critical: the profiling of client needs, marketing of offerings and interactive workflows during the order-to-cash processes. Thanks to professional information systems, companies can concentrate on sales and increase their customer value.

Customer benefits
  • Activate billing and integrate your business partners
    • Benefit from fully automated processes to support your fast-growing businesses across all channels, from customer interaction and registration to payment collection
    • Make the most of consolidating and transforming your operations and business support (OSS/BSS) solutions to serve real-time collaborative businesses in the online and social media world
    • Leverage the integration of your business partners (POS, White-Label-Partners, Finance and Logistics Providers, Call Center, etc.) and benefit from cloud solutions
  • Value up your enterprise data
    • Ensure efficient business processes, reliable data, and secured access to your content by selecting and integrating your enterprise portals into your IT landscape in a professional way
    • Connect people and share information, enhance productivity, invite stakeholders and clients to promote innovations, and to reduce costs through fully integrated collaboration solutions
    • Provide and enrich all applicable enterprise data to serve your business processes through powerful content management systems and search solutions
  • Integrate your sales channels
    • Ensure an outstanding customer experience across all touch points
    • Increase customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction through all channels
    • Professionalize customer complaint handling by providing a 360-degree view on the client / Provide professional service after sales.
Our value propositions
  • Enhance your customer orientation
    Devoteam guides you with its outstanding track record as a system integrator for business/operations support solutions through all areas of customer, sales and channel management.
  • Share your enterprise content
    Devoteam has more than 30 years of experience providing, consolidating and integrating a full-featured content management solution to enable secured access to all stakeholders in line with their roles and rights through all channels and platforms.
  • Set up your billing for mobility and social media
    "Always on, always connected", smartphones and tablets are all now mainstream. Devoteam ensures that your products and services are billed accurately, with no leakage for wholesale and retail businesses.
Partners & affiliates
our partners list
  • Mindbreeze
    Die Mindbreeze GmbH mit Sitz in Linz/Österreich ist ein führender europäischer Anbieter von Softwareprodukten für Enterprise Search, Big Data und Wissensmanagement. Die Produkte ermöglichen eine konsolidierte Sicht auf das Unternehmenswissen - unabhängig davon, wo (Datenquellen) und wie (strukturiert, unstrukturiert) dieses gespeichert ist.
Case studies
  • Congstar - Learning customer care service
    "You want it. You get it." This advertising slogan says it all for the Deutsche Telekom low-cost provider, congstar. congstar is the one and only mobile services and DSL discounter in Germany offering broadband internet access (DSL), an access package of telephone and internet, and mobile network services from one source. It is important to the Telecom subsidiary headquartered in Cologne that their clients understand discounted prices do not necessarily mean poor service.
  • Implementing a new Group Records Management Policy for DONG Energy
    DONG Energy Wind Power is a market leader in offshore wind energy and a fast-growing business unit within DONG Energy. Its continuing focus on optimising business processes and establishing best practices led them in 2012 to engage Devoteam in a project that would help them best identify, manage and share their business-critical information across the business unit.
Meet our experts
  • Horst Schmitt
    DIM Expert - Germany
  • Harro Besier
    DIM Expert - Germany
  • Andreas Klinger
    Head of Unit Communication & Media - Germany
    To ensure the business success in Germany by leading my consultants through the development of both technical skills and business capabilities.